Accidental impact, perhaps during a move, can break or damage some columns of the stairs seriously, especially if the structure purely slender. Replace them is very simple, the only problem is to to find it equally identical to the structure; Only in this case can be restored the damaged column . Furthermore, in the case where the handrail of the ladder is also damaged can be easily replaced. Step by step, I will explain how to replace new balusters and handrails for stairs. You absolutely must keep in mind that the procedure in question still requires a bit ‘of time, but following the explanations of the steps that follow, you will get good results.

handrails for stairs

Before proceeding with the assembly of the columns , it should always provide check the vertical of the existing ones, so that they are no inclined. The posts have left missing in the upright tilted a home to clean and at the same time to mark the center. For this reason, you will need to open a new office, deep twenty or twenty-five millimeters in exactly upright. Must be drilled vertically inclined when a piece requires a purely hand lightly. It must therefore be made ​​carefully.

Subsequently, in which hole, before which it was decided to pave the invitation for the post, it will be necessary to pay a glue a little diluted. You should know, inter Alia, that the hole under the handrail must be deep enough to allow therefore the assembly of the respective stud to latch without any type of problem. Will then installed in this way: first to be introduced in the open hole below the handrail and then you will go down the column in which hole place according to the following scale.

It should be taken into account the fact that a putty compound with the sawdust of the hole and glue restores the surface of the base. A grout dry and smooth, you can glaze the entire railing. As for the replacement of the handrail, in the simplest case it appears to be stuck and screwed, along the groove, a flap screwed on the ends of the columns. In this regard, it should be noted that in the market there are a variety of ways with milled seat for the flap, in addition, are easily available in many versions of varying section, essence and length. The ends of the handrail can be finished with platelets of the section of the main body, in various materials and finishes .