Nowadays, the safety of their properties is important. Modern means fielding solutions more secure and inaccessible. One of the main systems anti-intrusion and burglary, is the armored door. This particular type of door is designed and built to withstand the various burglary attempts. The only method, therefore, to break open the door, is to act on the lock . So it is important to periodically change the lock. In this guide we will see how to replace the lock of an armored door .

armored door

The type of lock is the most widespread in the cylinder. This kind of lock was equipped with keys safe and very resistant in the event of a possible break-in attempt . Among the different types of cylinder, one called European, unable to withstand different burglary through the picks, or even puncture of a drill. A lock of an armored door has a price that can vary to one hundred to three hundred Euros, it all depends on the type. The replacement of this lock does not necessarily require a locksmith. If you have some basic knowledge and a decent manual with tools, then you could do it yourself.

The first thing to execute and the removal of any handles on our armored door. To do that we simply have to remove the screws holding the handle to the door. They are usually small screws. We can, at this point, remove the box that includes the locking mechanism and mistranslates gently. Then insert the new lock and try to embed in the slot that held the previous year. If necessary, we can polish the insides of accommodation to fit easily the new lock . Otherwise, that is, there was too much space, we can insert the strips of wood that do by thickness. We can, therefore, replace the metal plate on the jamb.

It can happen to lose or break a key of a cylinder lock . We can replace only the cylinder instead of the entire lock. Some keys belonging to the simple locks combine with a special card. This certifies the legitimate property of the owner. There are on the market types of electronic locks encrypted with a key, or even a biometric scanner. Usually, when installed, is inserted into a special code. This code is inserted in the door with the key in case we want to reprogram the system.