The Christmas is the most beautiful religious festival of the year. In addition to the basic reason, which is the birth of our Lord , Christmas allows families to get the time to live together. The city is alive with lights and soft music , people are always joyful and it is all better. But if you want to decorate your home but do not have a large bankroll , you could opt for cheaper solutions but certainly not least effect. One method would be some job DIY . Let’s see how to save money on Christmas decorations .

Christmas decorations

The decorations that can be made ​​with the DIY method is really a lot. If you have not maintained any decoration year earlier placed in a box or just want to do something new, you just get the right things to decorate with originality getting a good result for both the eye and the wallet. To make decorations and decorations original and unique you only need a bit of creativity.

First, using the dried fruit or causing dry and adding some pine cones you can create great decorations for the interior of your own home. Apples and oranges as well as colorful berries can be collected in the wild and then lacquered or colored with a spray make them more Christmas. Adding a sprig of holly and a little hot glue will do wonders.

Using wire silver or gold and colored cords can decorate doors, windows, furniture or lamps. Just slide them on their surface to give effect Christmas bright and shiny. If you want to add to them also festoons, they can be made ​​simply with a nylon thread and dried fruit or popcorn . Just infiltrator with a needle to make the thread internally and festoon DIY is accomplished in a few moments. Then you can color at will with a colored spray.

The Christmas tree of Christmas require a little ‘more commitment and skill. Making cookies with the molds and making them hard enough, they can be hung on the branches instead of the classic balls of colored plastic. You can create decorations with pasta moment . If the tree is very large you can add the CD-ROM that will illuminate giving yourself shine. You can also use the bottle caps to decorate your tree. Merry Christmas!