Nowadays the bill of the light is a real torment for those who receive it, reaching high figures. This situation is accentuated, especially because of the crisis that has invested. Precisely, the electric illumination affects the bill to about 20%. The expense can be reduced easily, without reducing the illumination to which you are accustomed. Some simple measures can save on electricity bills, the benefit of their family budget and the environment . In this article we will see how you can save on domestic lighting.


The first step to be implemented, to decrease the consumption related to lighting, is to replace the traditional bulbs incandescent with energy-saving ones. The energy-saving bulbs are much more efficient than traditional ones, as they produce the same intensity of light , use less electricity and last about seven times more than incandescent. The price of energy saving light bulbs is higher than traditional ones, but the actual savings you have in the long term.

Another solution, as an alternative to energy saving light bulbs, is given by the LED (from English, Light Emitting Diodes ). Thanks to LED, energy saving reaches approximately 80% of electricity, with the same intensity of illumination of incandescent lamps. In addition, the LEDs have a longer life than incandescent bulbs and energy-saving ones. The LEDs should be, therefore, the first option to be taken into account to obtain a good saving.

Another way to be able to save on the lighting, is to avoid unnecessary and harmful waste of electrical energy. In particular, it is good to understand what is the right amount of light to be produced in a given environment, to avoid that there is little where it is needed, and where too much is not necessary. The ideal might be to light, so soft, all environments and create areas with higher light intensities where it is needed. A strategy that allows to diminish the consumption, is to dye the walls of light colors, in such a way as to give the room a higher brightness, without resorting to other sources of light. The chandeliers and large with many light bulbs do not favor, certainly, a good energy saving. It is preferable to use a single central bulb, with other independent side.