If you have a large enough space in the house , rather isolated or otherwise away from the rooms occupied on a daily basis, it’s easy to create a suitable area in which to organize the office, where work and welcome any customers . To create an environment quite professional and, at the same time quite comfortable you must be careful to choose the right furniture . Here, in this guide, some practical advice on how to set up the home office.

home office

The office at home is a convenient way to save on the rental of other premises and to have a space in your home in which to conduct their business with confidence. The area selection must be separated from the rest of the house, placing of the soundproof walls and gates that will have the function of isolating the space. In some cases a room can be enough, but it is advisable to separate the rooms, creating a possible waiting room or a corner for coffee , which guarantees absolute privacy. You can choose the partition walls movable and movable seeds.

It will be essential to have a comfortable desk where to place documents and computer, with drawers that can be locked and a large surface area. You have to choose a chair or a chair quite comfortable , ergonomic and, above all, not tired the spine, especially if you are sitting for many hours. Also needed comfortable chairs for customers. You also need an elegant library containing books useful to consult and can also function as a repository for documents.

The decorations must be present but very basic, without filling the spaces, rather try to eliminate everything that is unnecessary and that it has nothing to do with the work that must be done in that room. A plant to purify the air, a beautiful painting on the wall and a desk set is elegant enough to give an interesting look to the room. On the shelves and on the desk you will have only and exclusively the bare essentials, storing the rest in folders and containers, in order to give a professional look to our office . Install a heating system if not already present, keeping the temperature below 19 degrees in winter and ventilating the room on a daily basis, in this way, the air rich in oxygen and fresh help the mind and concentration.