So many people are in fact living in a small house or by its distribution does not allow them to play too much with their creativity to decorate get exactly to personal taste. And no wonder, increasingly, there are more people who are in the same case. The economic situation and the real estate do not favor much to acquire a large house for this, and to live in harmony with our home and the style with which we decorate, sometimes it is necessary to consider a certain patterns that make us easier to adapt the environment to our liking .

small house

The firm do + ce shows his system CUbox as construction. No modulation or standardized measures; is part of a plan to create the furniture. Thus, it is possible to customize the most of the elements in both design and materials. Since the company advised the placement of mobile and convertible furniture tailored to suit your own needs. What it does tell us that should be avoided above all are the “heavy” furniture, dark colors and rigid formats, which may affect light and space.

Xtru Design also advised to use furniture that does not “weigh” in space and commitment to minimalism , geometric shapes and austerity in ornamentation, for a light and airy interior appearance. It is also important to use light colors to give a greater feeling of spaciousness in the room. In addition, furniture and other items should not hinder the entry of natural light , essential for small spaces. Finally, from this study recommend that in small houses, the priority rests with the space and the other elements do not compete with it.

The interior design studio sum ​​+ space prescribe the use of compact furniture with smooth surfaces , possibly with storage’s with doors to hide stored items. Advised to this homes a simple style and straight, soft colors for a broader effect. Likewise, also suggest the use of storage surfaces vertical . From this study eclecticism and absolutely advise against mixing trends.