The living room is one of the rooms with more traffic of the home. Therefore, lighting requirements are important. In you can find all kinds of solutions and styles, to light your home. Find the one that fits the style of your living room or another part of the house! A great example to add personality to the living room is this pendant lamp with metal structure. Its open design allows us to see the light bulb from outside which makes the lamp perfect for Scandinavian Nordic or industrial decor styles. However, you can introduce in other styles that you like more.

design lamps

Do you love stories, fantasy or vintage touch? I present a pendant lamp with 8 arms very classic, but full of details. The perfect finishes give it a very well thought out romantic style. You can also decanters by a similar design, but smaller and with 5 arms. The ambient lighting is very important when decorating any of the rooms of the house. On many occasions you will find that you need more powerful or fainter lights; in others, reading lamps extras or draw attention to a supplement, sculpture, ornament, etc.

Among many other precious things, I present to you this compact lamp, inspired by the classic lanterns, with a beautiful square frame in gold color.  It is ideal to place on one or several walls of the room or to highlight a hallway, as the light that gives off creates a beautiful visual effect.

I love this floor lamp! With a pleasing appearance of old focus can be included in industrial style lounges. The beautiful tripod design (which you can lower or climb as you wish) and the combination of materials such as wood, glass, metal and leather makes it perfect for attention in all corners!

Wall light STREAM

I propose another precious wall lamp whose design is reminiscent of a beautiful torch, but more modern. Its elegant lines make it perfectly suitable for various decorative styles. It’s curious design allows to illuminate the room and the ceiling, and to offer a perfect atmosphere. This easy to use model is extremely practical thanks to the extra reading arm and flexible. What do you think about its peculiar and simple design?

The brand offers endless possibilities, to decorate any part of the stay the hall in this case. The water column is ideal to give a touch of originality to this and other rooms of the house.  This column of water with small plastic fish (optional) swimming up and down, has a beautiful light LED technology. This gives it a very special style that will not go unnoticed. If you have children at home, it is a good idea to add the 4 fish and the submarine but you can use the lamp without them. What do you think of this design so original and full of color? Do you like with or without fish?

The model TOMMY can be oriented for a better illumination; It is also very easy to use and looks good in offices, desks, tables etc. What do you think of this beautiful lamp to give a spectacular touch to your environments? Arsenide is a chuck style lamp with a design that will never go out of style. Its functionality makes it super practice to place it where you need it most. What do you think of this idea to decorate the living room of your home?