There are many ways to decorate a studio and depend in part on the size and studio use. Some studies are small home offices. Others are huge playrooms. Other libraries are as formal. Although there are a variety of styles there are some studies decorating ideas that work for all types of studies. Use these tips to start the process of decorating and finishing techniques that will make your study your own unique refuge. Studies are one of the rooms in a home more personal and your decor should reflect so.

There are some basic elements of furniture that any study should have. Everyone should have at least a sofa and some bookshelves. Formal studies may have a series of floor to ceiling bookshelves covering one wall. Modern office type studies can have a series of floating shelves for books and other items. Other common items include a study desk and a TV. Consider using a closet to accommodate the TV and you can hide when you are not using. Most studies are warm and private places and a television can distract the concept. Finally, consider installing a fireplace. It will give a cozy touch to your study.


Colors and window decorations
Most people think studies like dark, heavy and masculine. Common colors in this room are dark green, brown and gray neutrals. However, the study is a personal space. If you do not want dark colors, do not use them. Use any color that you are comfortable and enjoy. The lighter walls make a striking contrast against the dark wood and furniture leather. The decoration of the window blinds can go thick and heavy curtains. Again, think about the use of the room, If your study is being used for a home office decorations want clearer that allow plenty of light into the room as complete panels curtains. If the study is not used as an entertainment room, need to clog blackout light.

Decorative Accents
The plants look great in a study, especially when placed in bookcases. The curved lines of the leaves soften the cold and flat shape of the shelves and help bring warmth to the room. Studies often used as rooms for reading, also benefit from a variety of lighting options. Place a floor lamp in the corner next to the comfy chair to read. Next to the chair placed a small table with some books on it and a plant. Place a table lamp on the desk and shelves. Avoid using bright light in the ceiling. Because the studies are personal spaces, wall art should reflect your tastes. Photos are excellent choices. The photo of your loved ones black and white give it a friendly and elegant wall view. Alternatively, consider artworks that highlight your hobbies, like paintings if you are climbing mountains.