This guide will be suggested some ideas to make the modern ceilings, so you get nice decorative effects, playing with form, color and texture. It is important, in fact, pay the utmost care and attention to every architectural element of the house, because the end result proves noteworthy .

modern ceilings

To begin with, the gypsum boards are one of the most popular materials and inexpensive to achieve a particular ceiling . Thanks to the ceiling, in fact, you can create a solid, smooth and regular. The gypsum boards are also very easy to install and can be used for ceilings of irregular shape with protrusions or non-parallel walls. You can easily sawing with a circular saw since they are composed of a modified gypsum bonded to both sides of the paperboard. They are mounted on a metal frame and wooden beams. Plasterboard also has good sound insulation and fire-resistant. The only drawback is that it does not tolerate moisture; therefore, the panels swell, losing their strength, and deform. Therefore, they can not be used in the bathroom.

The filler, which has been traditionally used to achieve the exteriors of houses, can be exploited in an environment for creating decorations in relief on a ceiling. The techniques used for this purpose are different: for example it can be applied by hand or sprayed first with a special dispenser and subsequently painted. This is the perfect solution if you want to coat the ceiling with a modern texture and design . Stucco is relatively inexpensive and simple to use, and is also suitable for those who have a great familiarity with the art of DIY, but still want to do-it-yourself.

Another material for a modern decor is the pond, which was once very popular in Victorian homes. It is quite expensive, but also create a great and powerful impact. The cost varies depending on the type of pond you intend to use. To reduce costs, however, you can choose to decorate only some ceilings of the house. You can buy the handy panels coupling, which are screwed directly into the wall through nails and long staples ; they come in a variety of colors such as white, silver, copper, burgundy, mocha and gold. These furnishings however fit in the room and quite large by the stylish vintage and antiques, to create a nice contrast of modern design .