The decor in black and white is always chic. A classic are the floors in black and white for the entry or the kitchen, but there are many other ways to use the black and white, a perfect match for the contemporary home. Here are some ideas to decorate the house in black and white .

The living room in black and white

The living room in black and white is a very elegant choice and not at all trivial. The black and white is the background as many other colors that you want to add and you can play with lines or other geometries. The paneling because tillage black lacquered wood; two leather armchairs Jacques Adnet; tray Fornasetti; canvas Caesar Reliever; black and white carpet Anatolia 1930

ideas to decorate

The kitchen in black and white

Decorating the kitchen in black and white, makes this area of contemporary house and at the same time with a vintage feel. A perfect example is this kitchen architect Barbara Falanga with a beautiful collection of Fornasetti plates.

Colorful and with a touch of American Style, cooking, environment preferred by Julia, is at the same
time friendly and intimate. The forest green of the walls contrasts with the refrigerator and deep blue with
black and white checkerboard floor; the table of the 60 has the floor in ant.

The bathroom in black and white

The bathroom in black and white at times to suit everyone. The tiles in black and white in fact, are back in vogue because it is very entertaining and give the bathroom a retro touch . In the bathroom, black walls and resin flooring Bisazza mosaic, with black and white tiles that sleep a hounds tooth pattern. Alper taps, sanitary Ceramica Flaminia, lamps Linestra. In the bathroom, a successful game created by the alternation of black and white tiles in size 10×10 cm. Console, mirror and faucets are Ikea.

The bedroom in black and white

Usually for the bedroom is always choose light colors and relaxing. Choose to decorate the bedroom in black and white is a very original choice, as we show the these examples. In the bedroom, chair cowhide 60s; on the window, sculpture of Burma reported by a trip to India. On the wall, a picture of André Kertész. Even in this room, alternating black and red, with the pouf of Kartell.