If you decide to install one brick backsplash behind the sink, you’re not laying bricks. Actually, what you install are tiles of ceramic that look like bricks. Real bricks would be very heavy to place on the wall. The illusion of brick is further enhanced to accommodate them in staggered order and would be on the sides of a building. The grout in the tile -like bricks is placed in the same way as in the tiles regular.
Installing a backsplash


Use a level and a pencil and draw a square or rectangular perimeter of the backsplash where you want to place it on the wall. Adjust the size to use tiles whole uncut.

Spread the adhesive over the whole area marked with a notched trowel.
Adhering the bottom row of tiles to the wall; press the tiles horizontally next to the counter. Spacers placed between the tiles and between the top and ends of the tiles .

Place the second row of tiles above the first. Adjust the position of the tiles so that the ends of each reach halfway along the bottom of the tile. Put spacers between the tiles as you place them. The tiles of the ends of the second row should exceed the tiles of the first.

Repeat the process and complete the wall row by row and stagger the rows together. Fill out all the marked area.

Let stand for 12 hours the adhesive. Remove the spacers.

Spreading slurry onto the tiles , the slurry removed from the surface of the tile and put in the gaps between these. Clean excess grout with a damp sponge.

Let the grout dry for 24 hours. Put one caulking account at the junction between the base of the tile and countertop.