The homeowner having confidence to do work in basic carpentry can doubt faced with the construction of a wall with a door. However, whoever can make wall could also make a swing door following these steps, it is not a difficult task.


Measure and cut two pieces of 2×4 to a length equal to the wall you’re building. These will serve as the top and bottom wall plates.

interior wall

Get the dimensions of the doorway you purchase; these should be recorded in the equipment provided by the manufacturer. Marks the opening width of the wall in both plates, the top and bottom. Put them in two additional marks on each side, 1 1/2 and 3 inches (3.8 and 7.6 cm respectively). In the upper 3 inches will mark the king pins, and lower mark 1 1/2 inch iran located poles connecting door framed.

Use a 2×4, measure and cut the wall studs with 3 inches less than the height of this. Clava each between the upper and lower plates, as shown in the diagram, with 16 inches (40.6 cm) apart from each other than the area in which circled part for the door.

Measure and cut two additional poles of the same size to the wall studs. These are the poles for the frame. Nail it where brands that are put to them.

Measure and cut two posts with 1 1/2 inch less than the measure of the height of the swing door and nail it in place within the framework of the posts.

Measure and cut a 2×4 with an equivalent to the distance between the posts of the frame extent; place it flat on top of the internal and nail it in place poles. This is the head of the door.

Measure the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the top plate. Cut a 2×4 with this dimension and put it as a fixed center post between the header and the top plate.

Raise the wall in place and verify that it is tailored. Screw the motherboard, safely on the ground and nailed or screwed onto the top plate of the structure. Now the wall and the lift gate are ready.