One way to update an instant kitchen cabinets is to paint for a new look or a clean style. The color of the cabinets can be based on your preferences, on the existing decor, or the creation of an environment for one of the most used areas of the house. While there are no rules for selecting the best color for your cabinets, finding the right tone will improve the overall look of the kitchen .
kitchen cabinets

One of the colors of certain cabinets painting kitchen is white or tone varied as: raw white, cream or beige. This color palette helps open kitchens small or those with limited incoming natural light, however, note that the white shows grease, dirt and stains more easily than other colors. White or varying shades blend well with almost any color or existing countertop appliances, so if you’re just looking for a clean and simple upgrade, white is the ideal color. To further upgrade the kitchen , change the old closet accessories for a new, stylish knobs or handles. It uses a semi-gloss or gloss cabinets to look freshly painted finish as well as to facilitate cleaning.


If you want to add warmth to a space, the soft yellow creating a bright and welcoming environment. Yellow fitted well with white appliances and complement the existing wood tones. If you have a breakfast bar, table or floor wood cabinets yellow instant warmth to the entire room. Use yellow paint on all sites with limited natural light to create the illusion of a larger space, and adds yellow to a fitted kitchen that has windows facing west or south to maintain the well-lit throughout the day.

Bold colors
There is no rule that discourages the use of bold colors in cupboards kitchen . If you have a neutral floor, like tile or wood light color, blues and purples create a custom look for your kitchen . Choose a blue color for a bold and cozy style, especially if you have colored tiles accented with patterns of red, yellow or white. For a bold style that is not too extravagant, choose a blue-gray color, a paint color wine red or lavender to paint the cabinets. The bold colors combine well with simple appliances stainless steel or white, as they balance each other. Avoid using dark paint colors with black appliances so that the place does not look too small. By using bold colors on the cabinets, paint the ceiling white to create the illusion that is higher, which makes the place look bigger.