Since a few years, every time the trend is present decorate the bathroom of a thousand and one different ways and is something that can impress who has not sought decorating ideas for the bathroom today. Why the bathroom has always been different from the rest of our home? In this post I’ll give you a few ideas that will change completely trends in bathrooms.

trends in bathrooms

The bathroom decor has evolved a lot to turn this room of the house into something that is becoming more taken into account and what you have thought every detail. Significantly, because of its nature, it is one of the most intimate places of the houses and therefore must be careful in all aspects, especially decorative, trying to create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

This year we find very different coatings we know so far although they remain present. One of the novelties is textured wall coverings, but also neutral colors, geometric shapes and suspended mainly furniture. If we focus on furniture, we will find that come stomping those with white or neutral colors such as gray, beige or some earth tones, becoming one of the major trends in color, we never stop wood tone aside, where bathrooms are increasingly those who choose to change the wood floor or floating platform specially treated for wet rooms.

Something very important and present is the absence of walls in the bathroom, maybe a more risky for conservative movement decorations. This involves the removal of visual barriers bath and integrate it into the room. This may be for many people as if losing part of intimacy and perhaps far more successful in the homes of singles or young couples, but is one of the latest trends.

Created our own spa at home is something that is also widespread. In this case it is not only the traditional but a proposal that is becoming stronger are the Turkish and Finnish saunas, but for this we must have enough space, but not as much as could be reached think. The showers are another alternative to consider.

The fittings are also another aspect to consider when decorating a bathroom and today, in addition to find designs to suit any kind of decoration, we can find those that allow savings of up to 50% in water consumption, which not only provide decoration but also are environmentally friendly.