In addition to fulfilling an eminently practical function, since this furniture is for rest and relaxation, the sofa should also be beautiful and stylish being such an important element in the decoration we must choose with great care the style of the sofa we want. In this article, we offer the latest trends in sofas.

Lightweight and versatile:

If there is, a style that has us completely crazy this is, without doubt, the look scandal. So, how could it be otherwise, Nordic style sofas are one of the quintessential trends in decorating the living room. Now, how do you recognize a Nordic couch? Made of high quality materials such as solid wood, sofas boast a lightweight design and incredibly versatile.


Its light legs, which gently lift off the ground, decorate without burdening the environment. This type of sofas usually bet on light and neutral colors that illuminate the room. The rectilinear shapes and rounded are another of the main features of this type of sofas. Although we can also find other Nordic sofas with armrests straight lines and well defined that provide elegance and sobriety to the set.

French romanticism: a classic sofa

For lovers of classic and ornate nothing better than French style sofas designs. Opposite the discretion of Nordic style designs, the classic models have a strong presence. Such designs are usually quite bulky and have a multitude of details that makes owners of a highly sophisticated and unique beauty. The structure of solid wood and carved presents classical and baroque motifs of inspiration.

The legs round these sofas reveal that it is a piece of classic style and French-fried inspiration. They are furniture inspired by the era of the great French monarchs. This way we avoid recharging the environment. As upholstery, they stand especially rich fabrics in textures such as baroque motifs, and fabrics such as velvet dresses. Fabrics with glossy effect put the glam touch to the whole.

The Chesterfield sofa Chester or is another fashionable designs. An icon of sophistication found in classic environments, industrial-style salons or in settings that are more contemporary. The sofa Chester has earned a place in our decor. The story goes that the Earl of Chesterfield County commissioned a cabinetmaker sofa with a special decorate men’s club. It was to be a sophisticated and distinctive design, but also comfortable, so the Knights of British high society clothing not spoils while sitting on the couch.

It highlights the simplicity and elegance of this sofa, made in materials of the highest quality and sophisticated dark colors. Certainly a great choice for a living room with a lot of class but yes, please note that this sofa has a strong presence, so we must avoid recharging with too many accessories.