Decorating a living room and dining room are together (which is sometimes known as a great room) often results in two spaces that do not combine or unite. The color, the decor and the proper placement of furniture is key to the design of space that is attractive and functional. Often, the living and dining room is L-shaped, where the small portion of the L goes to the dining room.
living room and dining room


Paint the living room and dining room with the same neutral color or cake if you want to visually enlarge the space. Choose a color to a room or two darker or lighter than the other room tones, gives harmony to the area and helps the space combine. Another idea is to paint the walls of the room and use a wallpaper in the dining area to combine.


Buy tablecloths, plates, paintings, artwork, lamps, sculptures and other decorative items that have the same theme or similar for both spaces. For example, if the area of ​​the living room has blue walls, fabrics brown and white trim, choose a plaid or with a design in blue, brown and white placemats for the table the cushions on the chairs or the tablecloth. If the living room has a nautical theme, using salt and pepper shakers shaped like lighthouses or boats on the dining table. Hang artwork someone eating on a terrace overlooking a lake or some other images that give the area a nautical touch.
In the living room the Colca Furniture largest opposite the main point of the room. For example, you can place the sofa facing the fireplace, a beautiful view, a stunning piece of art or television and entertainment equipment.

Place the second cabinet bigger, like a sofa for two or a couple of chairs together at an angle of 90 degrees from the couch. This creates the shape of an L in the room.

Diagonally placed the dining table. Another idea is to center it (parallel to the longest wall) if you have no space to place it diagonally.

Arrange the furniture smaller as side tables, ottomans or a dresser next to the furniture larger. For example, you can place a side table and a lamp at each end of the sofa or other seating.

Make large pots or floor lamps near the furniture to further define the space. Place them in an empty corner to fill the space, only draws more attention to the empty zone.