If you want to make your kitchen more large, one option is to open the wall between it and the living room. There are many reasons to enlarge your kitchen, and a living room unused offers a solution for it. Whether you want to build more space for pantry, an island or installing add more counter, open the wall between the two rooms could be the right solution for you.


Determine whether you want to open the wall is part of the structural system of the house . If this is the case, you may not pull the wall without compromising structural integrity. Checks if removing the wall requires changing the direction of piping, wiring or other mechanical equipment.

kitchen and the living room

Near the perimeter of the kitchen and living room with plastic sheets, placed on the floor and wipes off all electricity and water in the house , if you find electrical wiring or pipes behind the wall you did not know they were there. Shoots all pipes that you know that reach the wall. Remove wall moldings.


Put on safety glasses and mask dust; then hit the wall with the hammer to make a hole and remove the remains with a crowbar. You can also drop pieces of the wall with a sledgehammer. Be careful not to hit a beam.

Remove all surface material of the wall you are removing and beams in the adjacent walls. Use a hammer to remove all nails in the rafters.

Cut the firewalls that may be located between beams and cut the latter, other than the ends. Make the cut a few feet off the ground and pull the beams to remove the top sheet. Any short beam shoots at the base and beam lever to pull it from the bottom sheet. Remove all nails remaining.

Walking through the remaining beams diagonally. Remove the bottom half first pulling it from the bottom sheet.

Cut the top flush with the adjacent walls sheet. Remove it making diagonal cuts through the bottom sheet and the lever wedge beam between the two halves of the topsheet. Strip until the entire top sheet is withdrawn and the operation repeated for the bottom. Remove the remaining nails.