The living room is the focal point of an apartment and must be designed to suit the personality and style of the tenant. Although there are some changes that can not be done in rented spaces, you can arrange the furniture to change the whole feel that your space created. Many of the ideas are viable for an apartment and use of available space.

Living rooms designs

Furniture and storage
Since the average apartment space is limited, you need to make the most. Do not lean your living room with large and bulky furniture. If you absolutely must have a coffee table, buy a small, but has storage drawers. If you prefer not to have a coffee table, buy coffee tables that have storage space, as it will keep your room more clear and make it look bigger and spacious. Use the entertainment center or TV cabinet with the greatest skill, placing all the books and magazines in one of the storage areas and taking them only when they are being used.


Feng shui
The practice of feng shui means designing the space in a way that creates a positive energy flow. For example, chairs and sofa should never be placed with his back to the door; always place them in front, and the person sitting in the room should be able to see the front door without turning around. Chairs should be placed in a circular fashion.


The corners of the room should be lit with lamps, plants or mirrors to allow energy to flow to these areas. The stove should be the focal point of the center of the room, no TV, because the room is meant to be a place of conversation. Always make sure the table is clean and tidy as the rest of the space; as this represents health and, therefore, must be kept clean. You can also put a bonsai above because it symbolizes prosperity.
A living room designed from a minimalist view, using only the essential furniture and furnishings that are not only used for decorative purposes. For a living room, a sofa, chairs and table elements can be used as the only furniture. If you must have a TV, choose a simple table to place, unless you prefer to go to the end and putting it down. The idea behind the minimalist point of view is to be free of clutter, without piles of papers, books and magazines anywhere in the space. If desired, you can place a plant on the table or any other furniture to accentuate.