The Frigidaire microwave are placed on the kitchen hanging from a steel bracket bolted to the wall studs behind it and the bottom of the kitchen cabinet above the appliance. Ask a friend to help you with to remove if you need to lower the Frigidaire microwave repair or replace the furnace. An additional person is required to hold the device and prevent it from falling when mounting assembly is removed. The task takes less than half an hour.

kitchen hanging


Unplug the power cord from Frigidaire outlet, which is usually on the inside of the upper cabinet.


Unscrew and take out the screws in the bottom of the cabinet on the Frigidaire, using the screwdriver, while your helper holds the unit from below.
Pull the front lower edge of Frigidaire up while the appliance is lifted to disengage the hooks on the back support of the slots in the bracket on the wall.

Frigidaire down slowly to the surface while the power cord is guided out of the hole in the bottom of the cabinet.