If you are converting a large vehicle to make your own motor home, you probably want to install a dining room. Or maybe you want to replace the furniture you currently have in your vehicle. Whatever the case, build furniture for the dining room of your RV is more than a construction project table and chairs. You also need to ensure that these units are securely fastened to remain in place while you’re driving.


Choose the material for your table. You can use something as elegant cherry wood and paint or varnish. Or you can just use plywood and covering it with fabric or nylon to make it look better. Glue or staple the table below the deck you chose. Most RV tables are 46×26 inches.

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Build the table legs and attach them to it. To make more room for the legs, table RV normally has only two legs connected to a support beam forming an “H” and subject to the table right in the middle instead of going around the edges. Then the feet remain on the floor plate and are easier to attach to the floor. Uses a strong wood glue to attach the pieces as nails and screws ruin the image .
Place squares on a table edge. These brackets will hold the table to one wall of the camper to have more support. Use screws to not go beyond the small table.


Cut one of the pieces to build cabins that go with the table. Normally two cabins of 30 inches and 39×24 are used. The plywood frame each consists of the back, one side in the form of “L”, the upper end, the back support, the seat and footrest. There may be an open side in each cabin where it will connect to the wall of the RV.

Decide if you want to put the pieces before or after covering them with fabric for furniture for a better picture. If you cover each piece first, stretch fabric and fine engrápala wood. As you did with the parts of the table, joining the pieces with epoxy cement booths to help the material look better if you know you will not become brittle and cab will come off. Search cushions for the seats which combine fabric with which you decorate the frame.

Ensures the table and booths inside the vehicle in the place intended for the dining room. The screws are perfect timber to hold the pieces on the floor and wall.