Speaking of modern furniture today is to speak also of the modern home. First, it seems to be finished by the time of monochromatic environments, especially in total white, with houses minimally furnished and devoid of any decoration element, characteristics that have dominated for nearly a decade. Today the modern furniture and modern home should express a style, a taste of container within which we express ourselves without adherence to the mandatory fees. Interior stylistically balanced without fundamentalism as stylistic minimalism. Let’s talk about How to decorate home.

how to decorate home

Modern furniture in 2015: how to decorate the living room and living

Celesta is the evolution of the modular system and modular shoulder carrier patented by Lena, in 4 widths, 3 depths and heights 11. The shelves can be transformed into containers with the use of glass doors or wooden sliding doors, suspended, overlapping doors, drawer elements.

The decor of modern living room in 2015 has a slogan: ” social “!

Create, renovate or simply give a new touch to the modern living room in 2015 , means taking care of the hub of the home, the environment in which focus the variables of its inhabitants: the time you spend, the customs, the personality.

The generous depth of Slab, designed by Mauro Lipparini, and the seat and backrest goose down, combined with the strict linearity of the forms, ensuring comfort and aesthetics at the forefront, with pillows and jutting almost suspended in the base.

The modern decor of the living room and living focuses on solutions pragmatically, and from a cutting-edge concept, which use the latest materials and who prefer the ability to break down and compose the furniture at will, for a modern living “social ” but able to accommodate the private side of each of us.

The open-plan kitchen, built on a project of the two designers, is played on vertical and use of white laminate, which makes the environment neutral and sober, punctuated by the parties in brushed steel and teak. Stop to design self-celebration and an end in itself: in modern kitchen’s triumphs functionality and the ability to recognize the kitchen its original vocation.

Food preparation so back in the spotlight and, with it, the food storage that will end up on the table, in the sign of a renewed need for concreteness. The latest trends of modern furniture, prefers kitchens with islands or blocks equipped to accommodate the washing area, cooking area and snack area; Modular solutions widely to adapt the environment to his needs and materials selected on the basis of their resistance characteristics, durability and environmental impact.