In Naples, a modern house with a functional: the natural environment and architecture is a very important element of this house, without the waterfront Naples, the green lung of the Villa Comunale and the view of the hill farmers, definitely would not have the same charm.

The architects who signed the project, Andrea Giuliano Grape and Francesca Faraone, have meant that the interior of this house is nourish everything. The apartment, built in the early seventies, is today, just by virtue of the transformation implementation, a vision even more interesting. The intervention, in fact, has been radical. The house was totally “ripped” and rethought in function of the visual field that you want to transfer inside the home.

modern house

To act as a liaison between the dining area and the living room is the fireplace through-sided. In front of the chaise lounge by Charles B & B Italy, coffee table Chess Moooi, signed by Front; on the left wall, a piece of antique furniture family.

The architects have torn down the walls, leaving only constraint the pace of the windows. The large square allowed to privilege the common areas of those individuals who, by no means, however, were sacrificed to the concept of space and functionality.

Focusing on a fluid path that would put in communication with input, kitchen and study; studio with seating; living room with dining area and kitchen, the designers have worked on the idea of modular spaces open. To do that, they left a space extroversion; have, that is, reversed the functions of the original plant that, in the previous version, did not enjoy the full view of the city.

Defined in this space, cozy and suffused, do not escape to an eye on the details, the search for the particular piece of modern art that is mixed with that antique revisited. Master bedroom and guest rooms of the children were, in fact, designed as mini suites comfortable and independent.

A trace that back in the kitchen, an environment-casket communicating with the rest of the house, but if necessary resealable. In this room, as in the other, there is everything: there is the central island, conceived as railway technology around which to stop for lunch.