Several years ago, I found the perfect condo for sale in Montreal. It was my dream home, and I couldn’t wait to move in, but there was some work that needed to be done before that could happen, and it took a little longer than expected. The date when I could move in crept by weeks, and before I knew it, I was faced with the prospect of moving in just a week before Christmas. Now, some people might think that that means that there would be no decorations for me that year and I would be eating my Christmas dinner somewhere else, but I absolutely love Christmas (especially the tree), and so instead I gave myself the challenge of moving in, unpacking sufficiently and decorating my lovely new home all ready for Christmas dinner with my friends in my new home.


Photo by Anna Hull

Certainly, it was a bit hectic, and the unpacking was really more a case of making the areas my friends would see look presentable while hiding all the still packed boxes in cupboards (I think some of them may still be there). However, I picked up some ways of going from zero Christmas decorations to a really festive looking home with very little time and effort, and I would like to share these for anyone moving house this December who still wants their decorations up!

Get a Real Tree

When it comes to convenience, most people these days recommend an artificial tree. However, if you have just moved, the last thing you want is something else you will have to put in a box after Christmas is over – you are sick of the sight of boxes! A real tree can be very easy to deal with, you buy it as it is and take it home. No constructing it or anything else time consuming, you can get decorating. There are also a lot of people who say real trees are more environmentally friendly, as strange as that may sound.

Buy Big Sets of Matching Ornaments

When I had all the time in the world, I would spend ages happily looking around, choosing great combinations of pretty ornaments one by one and arranging them on my tree. Not that year. I just got a big box of glass baubles in two coordinating colours, a string of white LED lights, and some tinsel. I was in and out of the store in a couple of minutes, and people complimented my well organized, nicely matching decorations. It was far cheaper this way too, so also good if you want to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

All in all I would say getting my tree and all the decorations for it took less than an hour, and putting them up maybe another hour. Even in a week when you are moving and super busy unpacking, two hours can be found to set up your home for a great Christmas!