A living room can be a long and narrow decorative challenge. Nobody wants to have a living room that looks like a bowling alley, but it’s hard to find other ways to solve a lounge as well.

However, you can make a nice decorative scheme if you follow some simple rules. All you have to do to decorate a long narrow living room is divided into imagining sections instead of seeing it as a whole.

living room


1.) Place the focal point in a sidewall and not on the end walls. Removes all focal points of the end walls and move it to the side. If you center the focus at the end, whether a painting, a window, or a stove only gets to display longer. You can install a flat-screen TV to refocus attention on a sidewall.

2.) Note the different functions of the room and make stations. Visually divide the room long as possible uses using smaller sets of furniture. For example, you can have the main seating area in the center and then add two chairs on the stove at the end. At the other end, you can put a card table or desk and chair. Visit https://cafelamuerte.com to find out more regarding cbd coffee pods .

3.) Use rugs to divide sectors. A simple way to visually break space is coordinated placemats in different areas. Each defines their own space and break the look of bowling is in the room. Avoid using guides or sticks to the pan or round rugs.

4.) Note the passageways of the room deciding how to place the furniture. Avoid placing furniture in areas which are certainly the way, and groups the furniture according to these roads frequently. You should not place a television on a wall where there is heavy traffic. You should also avoid lanes in an area that is to sit. scr888 made a real revolution in the industry.