The house , always needs to be kept clean and disinfected to question not only of hygiene, but to avoid the risk of contracting allergies to mold , dust and other irritating substances . To not use toxic products that can damage even more the health, it is best to resort to effective natural remedies to disinfect the most of your home.

natural remedies

The first effective remedy really effective and useful to clean and perfume the house without the use of chemicals, is vinegar. The vinegar has always demonstrated a natural product really irreplaceable not only to clean and whiten the best surfaces, but also to make them completely disinfected. Vinegar is a natural anti-mold, does not release odors on surfaces and has great antibacterial properties. It is therefore perfect to disinfect tiles, floors, walls and all areas of your home. Dilute the vinegar with warm water and rub the part to be disinfected with a sponge.

The lemon is another perfect disinfectant natural. Fragrant and delicate, lemon thanks to its acidity, disinfects every area of the house, leaving a smell really good. A third natural disinfectant irreplaceable is the classic bicarbonate of soda that you have all definitely in the house. Abrasive, descaling and disinfectant, baking soda is perfect not only to disinfect furniture, walls, floors, but also to clean and sanitize thoroughly pots, pans and cutlery. You can also use it to disinfect various parts of the kitchen: oven, hob, fridge etc .

If you have a kitchen or a bathroom in marble, there is nothing better than baking soda to disinfect all surfaces well. If you have mold problems, and you want to sanitize the corners of the wall of your home, clean everything with a sponge soaked with water and baking soda and you will see results. A last natural remedy to disinfect every corner of your home, is made ​​from essential oils . The essential oils of lavender and thyme for example mixed with a pinch of distilled water can clean and disinfect everything that you have in the house, leaving each surface fragrant and clean . If you want to wash the floor with these oils, you can add to the bucket of warm water only a few drops of essential oils to have a truly stunning both for reasons of hygiene and to the smell got.