Good Morning! Long time no post I brought my house, so today the new decor I’ve put in the hallway I teach and I think it’s because I love the final result. All the decor is low cost as usual pieces. Hall decoration is not a easy task. Lets discuss about new hall decoration.

I have love my last purchase, this decorative poster that cost me five euros in Jysk store, decided to place it above the door because it gives a different and very appealing to the hallway touch and as you know my house is very transparent so it looks from anywhere in the room.

Jysk is a Danish shop I had heard about but had never entered, and last Friday was presented the opportunity and although I could only spend a few minutes I see nothing really love me drive you home. I will because I loved the shop and had very good prices.

hall decoration

The mirror and teach you how it was done here , I was broke when moving, so that chooses to remove the other mirrors and leave leaning as if it were an old window. To accompany I included some old wellies that I had small and to have them save or throw I decided to rescue them and leave them as decorative elements, which together with the aging window gives a very rustic and charming touch to the corner, providing a green dot and light with pot Ikea.

The table already taught by social networks is a canvas primark that mimics wood planks with letters in aged finish, costs 6 euros and the new collection. To gain height and quested all symmetrical place a box Fruit painted on my beloved black as a color is very present in the house.

I hope you have enjoyed the new changes.