When designing and decorating an open area of kitchen, living and dining area is important to distinguish between the three areas. This makes the open space look more organized. The open areas are common in apartments and loft beds designed with large spaces. Working with these areas may seem difficult at first, but with an appropriate plan of decoration becomes an easy job.
living and dining


Define the space of the room using an entertainment center and sofa. Place the sofa with his back to the dining area and looking to the entertainment center, creating a small barrier wall will.


Defines the dining area with a game table and chairs. Highlights the role of the table displaying items like a salt shaker and a pepper on it. The table should be next to the kitchen, creating an easy way to serve food .
Add a culinary decor kitchen area. For example, a bowl of fruit on the tops near the kitchen. If your home does not regularly eat fruit, fruit plastic can replace the fresh. Sample openly kitchen items such as blender, toaster and coffee to further differentiate this space.

Connect the three spaces with a color scheme and small decorative items. For example, create a red hue using a red couch, a red tablecloth on the dining table and kitchen utensils on red. Another option is to place mats that match covering the three areas. When working with an open space links using color spaces. Other decorative elements such as tables, also join the three zones.