A carport can provide coverage for a fully open air with little or no fourth wall. The shelter of an outdoor room also means you can work or relax during all kinds of weather. Ideally will open the attached garage to the house, so that there are more options for electrical and plumbing outlets in place. However, if a separate unit, you can still create a room to eat and rest. An open garage can also be a good place for a home office, especially if you have wireless Internet service.

convert an open garage

Measure the space of the garage. Draw the structure in detail in paper if you want to attach the walls as a standard room. Plan to install together in a structure of 2×4 inches (5 x10 inches) on centers of 16 inches (40 centimeters). Leave openings for doors and windows. Outdoor designs to harmonize with the house, if connected directly. Design the exterior and a house covered with much artistic flair if the place is only in the patio area.


Repair the roof and damaged ceiling joists if necessary. Take off the old asphalt shingles and sustitúyelas, for example. Replace any rotten wood joist. Be sure to remove the lining up in a ceiling space inside to see if the garage attic has a frame or roof. Do not assume that there is no deterioration under the attic. Search the mold that could find its way into the new room. Consult a professional to handle any mold problem, requiring a spray on the wood covered with mold.

Place a new concrete floor or repair the old one. Repair cracks or holes in space before building on top of him. Make sure the concrete is level and acceptable to the tile floor, for example. Do not consider any other type of building floor, unless the garage is next to the house. Keep the floor using only a single concrete slab. Install an indoor and outdoor carpet on concrete or decorative pavers used brick as other options.

Build the framework of the room and add the outer cover. Build the outer shape of the new structure with blocks of 2×4 inch (5×10 inches). Install house siding or cladding used holiday home that resembles shingles. Add brick on the part of the exterior, if the house is brick. Create a design that combines garage space with the house if they are connected.

Insulates the room and ends inside. Add insulation roll fiberglass between the studs in the exterior walls. Clava drywall or bead board panels. Install fiberglass roof area on top of the drywall ceiling. Use basic wood, moldings, shutters and other decorative touches to complete the room. Add floor tile or sheet vinyl floor modified after painting all other surfaces. Clava sockets to complete the room.