Painting the worn bathroom vanity is a great project for the weekend and will have a big impact in a small room. With the proper preparation work, it will also last long. Be creative with color and transforms your bathroom.


Take the toilet doors, drawer pulls and removes all hinges and fittings. Put them to soak in a bucket of soapy water. If there are rubber bumpers on the toilet doors, ráspalos. Replacements are very cheap at hardware stores.

paint a bathroom vanity

Use a degreaser and warm water and scrub all woodwork with flexible backing pad or paper wet-dry sandpaper. This is responsible for cleaning and polishing in one step. Rinse and let dry. Use newspaper or rags left to protect countertops and floors.

Apply a first coat of paint on all surfaces. Paint the dresser drawers and both sides of the doors, paying attention to drips on the edges. If you are painting around a mirror, use a very steady hand or masking tape to protect it.

Now seal the gaps of doors, drawers and where the wood meets the walls. Get all excess caulk with a wet finger carefully until smooth. Let dry for at least two hours, depending on how heavy they are putty lines.

Paint everything you have prepared. Better make thin, uniform layers of heavy, lumpy. Let dry for at least eight hours. Then very gently sanding with fine grit paper, wet-dry sandpaper or sanding pad. Carefully dusts. Paint your second layer. Unless you use pure white or a very low color you hide two layers should be sufficient, but do not put all your paint yet.

Hang the doors and replace the hardware. Now checks for small dents to the time to put everything back together and retouch paint as necessary.