The shades of orange and yellow oak trim can make choosing a paint color is complicated. The cold, gray blue and green can be opaque and dull with oak trim, if you do not find exactly the right tone. Usually oak trim creates a casual and warm look that works best with warm colors. If you want a more formal or traditional look, it is best to paint or replace the molding.

General recommendations
Overall, painting warm colors work well with oak trim. The warm brown, honey, gold, beige and even a green moss work. Find more paint colors red or yellow to blue or green at the base. Many paint companies label them in warm and cool categories.

Paint colors

Trial and Error
The best way to select a painting is to take a bit of oak trim and take it to the paint store. Hold it with paint samples, and quickly find the colors that complement it. Reduce your three color selection and purchase of small sample vials for each paint color. Brush samples on the walls in various parts of the room and live with them for a day or two. Colors may appear slightly different based on the time of day and lighting. Choose the color you like, regardless of changes in lighting.
Painting Advice
Always apply a primer before painting, especially if you’ve chosen a darker neutral base color. The primer will ensure uniform and smooth application and true color. The paint will last longer, too. He paints some wood with a complementary color to add contrast to the oak. For example, if you selected a warm honey for walls, painting a door or an entertainment center in green moss or warm brown.

If you trim oak is inexpensive, damaged or outdated, it may be better to paint it white or cream. The fastest way to paint a molding is to remove and put on sawhorses in the garage. Líjala slightly and repairs damaged areas. Rent a paint sprayer and sprinkle first with a primer and then paint with a durable enamel. Lists the trim pieces to remove them from the wall so you know where to go when the time comes time to replace. Get a clean, professional look, and you will have many options when it comes to choosing wall paint.