A popular fashion exterior painting of houses is to use a color palette natural and earth. This trendy home decor works well with the architectural designs modern as with classical arrangements and oldest outdoor home. For example, a contemporary house with modern lines and eclectic architectural movement looks attractive with a color palette of brown and white on the outside, like a Tudor style home. To keep a house that has been painted with vibrant colors and exciting land, it is important to keep in mind some design principles.

paint the exterior


Use a broad spectrum of colors. The earth tone exterior paint not only include cinnamon tones. Cinnamon is a popular tone and it looks pretty good in most homes, but not the only earth tone. The earth tones include colors ranging from white to deep brown. The muted tones of green, for example, are sometimes seen as ground. You can imagine colors seen in wood, stone and natural verdería, then think about it in tones that fall within the spectrum of earth colors.


Use colorful accents. As earth colors are often not very vivid or striking, the use of a base color and a color accent often leads to this popular color palette to life. For example, a home that was painted with a neutral tone cinnamon, looks fresh and clean when a simple white border is applied. In addition, a contrasting front door will give you a sense of focus to the front of your house. A Tudor home looks amazing when an accent color is used to draw attention to the architectural elements of the house. These accents not have to be particularly bright, but should contrast with the color of the paint used in the majority of the house.

Add a lively touch of color. Households that are painted with a palette land should not be bored or melancholy. To avoid this undesirable result, choose neutral colors that would look good with accessories and colorful additions. If you want your house to display amazing with a bright red flower pot near your entrance, stay away from dark shades of rust and orange. The reds, peaches and violets can add a vibrant splash of color to the front of your house. Fortunately, most soft earth tones are so neutral that they look fabulous with colorful accessories.