Decide on the color to paint the exterior of your home can be a challenge. While some choose a neutral color standard, even this would be a challenge as there are many to choose neutral. For those who want a brighter color, choose exterior paint may seem even more daunting. If you consider that there are certain more suitable for the outside of a house colors, choosing a paint color will be a little easier.

choices for painting the exterior of homes

Although neutral colors may seem ordinary when it comes to painting the exterior of our house, they are practical for a number of reasons. Neutral colors mix well in any neighborhood, go great with any style of gardening and can be easily cleaned with the exception of the bright white. When dirt accumulates in a house painted with neutral colors, is not as noticeable as in a house painted a brighter color. Neutral to consider exterior paints: Arfil, gray, white, ecru, mocha, white (not bright white). If you want to choose a shade of bright white note will show dirt easier in your home, and you have to take special care to keep it clean to prevent the paint to gray and dingy color.


When you want a splash of color to your home without much projection, consider choosing an exterior paint pastel color. The pastel shades look great, especially in homes that are decorated with a country style decor or shabby-chic. Standard pastel colors used to paint the outside of the house include sky blue, pale yellow, pale pink, pale sage. If you want a bolder painting, pastel tone brighter, try a light coral color or lavender.
Bold colors
If you’re in a neighborhood that allows it and you like the look of bold, bright colors, there are some options available to you. You can paint your house without a bold color that looks strange or out of place. This is a great option for those who have homes with modern or contemporary decor. Some of the most brilliant colors that look great on the outside of homes, royal blue, turquoise, burgundy, bright yellow, emerald green and red cherry.