The kitchen is a room where you probably spend a lot of time, where you prepare meals and also perform cleaning. For the kitchen you will be an environment where you enjoy spending time, the decor has to be attractive and fun. To transform the kitchen quickly and easily, you need to paint. Paint the walls or the front of the cabinets to get a new look.
painting the kitchen

Paint the kitchen with a turquoise retro tone. It is a rich color that creates the look of a cafe, 1950. Course, is a color that works well with this type of decoration, rather than contemporary decor. Add white trim and lots of red and white accents throughout the kitchen . Add accessories turquoise as cans, to repeat the color of the walls and highlighting.


Puerta bright and intense
A fresh new idea is to paint the pantry door with an intense bright color. This is a great idea if the rest of the kitchen has a clear and calm color. With the rich tone add a focal point in the room and you illuminates the room . For example, you can paint the pantry door with a deep red color; this tone blends perfectly with side walls white or yellow color.
Paint one wall of the kitchen with chalkboard paint so you can become a message board. It may also be a play area if there are small children in the house. This way you can play with chalk and writing on the chalkboard while preparing dinner or clean the kitchen . It can also be a place where the whole family writes and receives messages.

Mural on the wall
Paint a mural extravagente in one wall of the kitchen . There are many different styles to choose from. Create a mural of a garden scene or an Italian villa. Another idea is a mural realuzar themed circus; your kids will love. Use bright colors like red and yellow.