Create the plane bathroom is an important step in the process of remodeling and design. Ensures you have enough space for all the components you want. It also serves as a guide to the draft reform of the bathroom. You can create a simple background. Some experience in remodeling and home improvements will give you a better idea of how to distribute components in the plane bathroom.
plan of a bathroom


Measure the area of ​​the bathroom. Note niches, built-in wardrobes, shower and other forms of the room.


Make a diagram of the bathroom on a piece of graph paper. Use measurements and square of paper to make a scale drawing.
Indicates the prefabricated objects in the drawing if they are to remain in the same place. It also states the doors, windows, outlets, lighting fixtures and piping connections in the reference plane.

Make a list of the items you want to place in the bathroom, and the toilet, shower, tub, toilet, mirror, lighting fixtures, downloading laundry, linen closet and anything else that want to add in the room.

Choose the place of the big items like the shower, tub, toilet and vanity. Note the location of the pipes if you want to remodel an existing bathroom. If you’re starting residue, considered the best movement of the room. Make sure there is enough space around each object for easy use.

Make small items such as lights, towel bars and other objects whose placement is flexible. Choose the location of these elements in relation to the others in the room. For example, the bar will want towels near the shower and light fixtures on the dresser to give good working light.

Make the sign of each element in the plane of the bathroom to make sense of the design. Pieces of masking tape marks work well for the forms and the size of objects on the ground. You can also cut pieces of cardboard to represent them. Controls the flow of the room and makes the necessary adjustments.