Spring is a good time to undertake reforms at home either a great work or some renovation work. So if you are thinking about painting your house this is the best time to do it. Today we tell you how you have to prepare the walls before painting. Painting your house is one of those tasks you can do yourself. It is not necessary to call a professional for a simple job.

prepare the walls of your house

Another thing is that you prefer to turn to others for convenience or other circumstances. If you feel like it, you can take your own brush and roller and take care of the task. Today we are going to explain to you how you should prepare the walls before painting them to make you look like a professional.

However, it is also true that painting the house is a laborious task that requires an effort on the part of the performer. Therefore, it is necessary to organize and carry out the work taking into account some aspects that facilitate the task and greatly improve the result. Do you want to know what they are?

The walls of a house have much to say in the overall result as far as decoration is concerned. If you have a smooth surface in good condition undamaged, they transmit a greater sense of order and cleanliness. That’s why, if you want to paint your house it is not about picking up the roller and giving it to the wall as if there were no tomorrow. It is best to do some planning process starting with the task of preparing the walls before painting.

Devote enough time to prepare conveniently walls before applying the paint is the best way to ensure you stays cool. You may also be interested in original ideas to paint the walls of your home. The first thing to do is to check the walls of the room that you are going to paint. You ‘ll have to look for cracks, crevices, holes have hung paintings furniture, etc. It is also important that you check the state of the plaster if it is easily detached etc.

If the walls of your house exhibit the usual popcorn ceiling so famous in the 80s and I love to make it go away now is the time. You may look like a Chinese work, but there are ways to remove it without dying in the attempt. The first thing you have to do is remove all the paintings and other elements that decorate the walls, mirrors, etc. Do not forget to protect them with plastic and cover the floor. Remember that the more you protect and tapes the less you will have to clean up later.

Once everything is well protected, start by covering the cracks. Using a spatula enlarges the crack slightly so that the peeling paint fall, if any. Do the same with all the cracks you have located. Then remove the dust from them with a clean, dry brush.