Any homeowner is committed to the quality and value of their home. While you may have perfect interior decorating skills, it is also important to consider what your front and backyards looks like. Any realtor can tell you that the easiest way to increase the property value of your home is with quality landscaping. If you’ve purchased a home with old overgrown trees, it may be time to scale them back and prepare your yard for the upcoming spring season.

You may be wondering what tree pruning is. Proper gardeners trim the branches and leaves of trees to prevent overgrown foliage. There are various reasons why this is a good idea, from increasing the flow of light to trimming the tree for safety and fire reasons. By removing potentially dangerous overgrown branches, homeowners can reduce the risk of property damage or personal injury. Tree pruning is an expense that secures your home and it’s also good for the plants and surrounding environment itself.

Property value

If you have overgrown trees on your property, you’ll be happy to know that the month of March is generally considered one of the best times to prune trees in North America. This is because the cold air will keep trees in a state of dormancy where they can repair themselves before the arrival of spring. You should definitely take care of overgrown branches before your plants have a chance to flower and the leaves start to grow again. Messing with fertile trees that are starting a new life cycle could wreak havoc with the delicate natural ecosystem. It could have detrimental effect on the lifespan of your trees.

Instead, hire a professional tree pruning organization. By doing a little research on the most qualified arborists in your area, you can get someone with the skills and technology to trim your trees. These experts understand how to best maintain the natural beauty and health of your trees. Whether you need a few errant branches cut down or an entire dead or dying tree permanently removed, they will know how to best handle the situation before it gets worse. You can book a free consultation with any local organization so they can assess your property. This is the best way to get the process started before spring weather arrives. If you’re based in Edmonton, Alberta, Chipps Tree Care is a professionally certified arborist organization that is known as the tree pruning experts. They will be able to properly trim your trees to ensure their health and the aesthetic value of your property. Interested clients can head to for more information.

Professional tree pruning companies can quickly spot signs of trouble, whether it’s an insect infestation, overgrown branches or a faulty root structure. These arborists understand how to best remove diseased branches to maintain the tree’s health. They can recommend the best strategies to ensure that it continues to thrive, including deep root fertilization and additional support systems. By hiring a professional company, you will keep yourself (and your property) out of harm’s way. The last thing you want to be doing in the final gasp of winter is felling frozen branches from the top of a rickety stepladder. Stick with professional tree arborists who know what they’re doing and you’ll enjoy another season of tall green trees.