In this article we want to help all of our readers, to figure out how to remove the rust from the chimney . We will try to make reference to the method of DIY, through which we can implement our manual skills and desire to do, in the simplest way possible. Let’s start by saying that for those who had the fireplace at home, will certainly, very well that it takes them a lot of maintenance, to be able to keep in touch and again. L ‘ rusting of exterior plaster, you must carefully remove at least for an area of 20-30 cm wider than the stain that denounces the ‘rusting, in fact are grated, up to a certain depth, let us see how. Let’s see how to make this our chore DIY . Lets see how to remove rust from the chimney.

how to remove rust

The first thing we must seek to know and also to remember is to be scratched connectors in between stone and lime stone. After that: caking of rust on the masonry go well rubbed with a mixture of clay in Spain and carbon tetrachloride and, after the ‘drying it, we need to continue to rub, so exact, with the use of steel brush. This type of procedure, will have to be repeated for at least two or three times, will not be deleted until all of the residues, which are present in our old chimney.

The connectors of the masonry must try to recreate again, with the use of special mortar, which will consist of: 1 part of mortar anticlerical , 2 parts of hydrated lime, 9 parts of sand , all you have to dissolve in 1 portion of the glue fluid Wall, 10 parts of emulsion of plastic material and 25 parts of water; clamps support, where they exist, should be just slightly covered with dell ‘other mixture.

We anticlerical the mortar from 1 part, 1 part fine sand, 1 part of plastic emulsion and 1 part of water; Finally then need to redo the ‘plaster, which should be about 2 inches thick and consists of: 1 part you must always use the mortar anticlerical, 3 parts sand, 1 part glue smooth wall, and 20 parts of emulsion plastic and 20 parts of water. We shall soon see, after this our chore DIY , that we will be doing everything really well, even managing to keep thoroughly clean and also quite effective, our fireplace, which will warm the coldest days of our lives in the house !.