If you plan to remodel your home on a budget, then you need to find the most economical ideas to renew the floors on your own, so you can save money. There are several alternatives that you can try, which are easy enough to be accessible to anyone; plus save money on labor, have a low cost that will suit every budget.

renovate the floors

Area Rugs

You can buy inexpensive area rugs at your local department store or supply store for home. In some cases, you can buy a lot of carpet remnants at a very low cost, which you can fill a hall. Also, you can browse the flea markets or discount stores to find hotel in the business. Discount stores sell slightly defective at a discounted price over the retail price merchandise. In some cases, the defect is so subtle that it is not perceived by the naked eye. You can get area rugs to cover the entire floor, or you can also leave part of it in sight, and buy a round or oval decorative carpet. Installation is as simple as depositing the carpet on the floor, and then place your furniture on.



Whether you want to put a finish on a concrete floor in the basement, or on a wooden floor in a room of higher levels, paint the floor is an inexpensive way to bring a rejuvenated look coating floors. When painting the concrete floor of the basement, be sure to use paint designed specifically for that purpose. By painting the floor, you can do a solid color, or even a design with a picture that gives a unique look.


Linoleum is an item low cost to cover the story that comes in two easy options to install . You can buy rolls of linoleum cut it to length and then will paste in place; or you can shop the items to be placed next to each other in the manner of a puzzle, in a room of any size. Linoleum is manufactured in a way that replicates more expensive, such as marble, granite tiles and polished appearance. You can even buy a linoleum that looks like a wooden floor.


The cheapest way to get a floor that looks like hardwood, in appearance and texture, is to use a type of materials known as laminate. It looks like a wooden floor, and comes in a variety of styles and colors; however, is made ​​from compressed wood pieces, and is significantly cheaper than real wood. The laminate is installed to glue the pieces to the floor, or when performing an installation method tongued, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.