The rent laws to own vary from state to state, but there are two pending federal legislation in the Senate and the House of Representatives called Protection Act Rent to Own and Law of Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement. Congress has found that not only the rent-to own specifically targets minorities and low-income citizens, but also may not make public the terms complete the agreement and engage in practices unfair collection when debtors can not pay. It is basically the version commercial of predatory lending practices in housing and mortgages.
rental laws

Future federal regulation
There are no current federal regulations governing the laws of rent to buy. There’s a blanket in the industry in general in regard to the procurement of goods under sales to consumer credit. In the future, it is expected that the federal government makes a move to ensure that the tenant clientele industry has better protection and credit and right unilateral right to terminate the agreement. In addition, these rent laws to own contracts and require labels to disclose the material terms of the transactions and prohibit dealers and hire collection agents to own hired by dealers engage in abusive practices and unscrupulous collection.


Types of advertising rental with purchase option
Most advertising rental centers to own consisting of “pre-approved” without credit check, price match the competitor, no charge for delivery and setup, free credit for the maintenance and payment protection in the event that an item needs to be returned “temporarily”. The payment protection ensures that the customer will pay the same amount if you want to re-rent the property in the future. For people who have little or very bad credit, these advertisements can be both a relief and good news; however, each client should look at his own state for legal advice on signing these contracts. In general, state laws are consumer oriented, so some consumers understand their rights under the law of contract; but vary greatly in minor details so it is not possible to list all regulations here.
Beyond rental agreements to own
In the long run, the consumer can establish good credit and not be bound simultaneously. Most agreements contain an option to pay and buy the item being rented. Also, a total payment means having ownership of the item without the hassle or the risk of being “reported” to the credit bureaus as a bad risk. To that end, rental agreements to own are better than regular credit. But there is also the downside, so as always, warns those who sign these agreements.

Disadvantages of leasing agreements to purchase
In addition to the guidance of a special population that typically does not have much money to spend and engage in deceptive practices regarding agreements lease-purchase, rent to purchase items that depreciate in value often make the consumer becomes financially permanently insoluble. In other words, keeping them in long-term debt over a period of time is a financial loss to a profit. The elements rented add nothing of value to its total assets in regard to assets and leased items simply play an “immediate desire”. There are no regulations covering getting into debt, but until the solid federal regulations are established, the Government will continue to implement the rules of Credit and Collections Practices to these agreements.

The side of the house rent to own
A house for rent with option to buy is an option for those who need time to save for a down payment or increase your credit score. Usually the tenant will rent or lease a house, move things around and fix it. In the best case, the tenant will keep for a couple of years and build “equity rental” home, a subsidy of the initial payment for future purchase. In the worst case, the owner will never intended to sell the home to a long-term tenant, but wants to make money from it until a buyer with more lucrative cash advance comes. It is easier to evict tenants buyers who have paid the non-refundable upfront money (down payment instead of a refundable deposit of tenant). Since home sales and home are also regulated by the state, different laws apply in accordance with the state in which you live. Until the regulations, the best place to seek advice about home ownership for rental to own solidify is the Department of Housing and Urban Development.