If you are seeking a rental property anywhere, what should you be looking for apart from the cost of property rentals? There are numerous other aspects about rentals which no one considers initially but only learns about after opting for a property when it is too late. The case is the same with property owners. In most of the cases, they seek tenants who are able to pay the rent and that is all. There are many other questions that come up later on and become the cause of contention between the owner and the tenant. Therefore whenever you rent property online,it is important that you ask the following five questions to the prospective tenants before closing a deal with them.

  1. Security deposit and terms

A property owner should always clarify the clause for security deposit. There are numerous norms in different cities and these mostly relate to the amount of security deposit. However the norms for the return of the security deposit are the same as they are everywhere. In case the property owner or the tenants have different ideas, they should be on the same page in case of the amount. In general, the amount is returned without interest at the end of the tenancy agreement.

  1. Maintenance clause

The property owner and the tenant should also have a clarity on the maintenance charges. In most of the cases, such clauses are not revealed when you list your house on property listing sites. As an owner, you should reveal what all do you expect a tenant to pay for. There are some charges that you are expected to bear and others which you are not expected to bear. This must be revealed in detailed clarity to the tenants to ensure that there is no ambiguity whatsoever in the payments later on.

  1. Pet and Parking clauses

This is something that usually is not covered in detail. Even though the property owner does clarify about parking in most case, he/she does usually does not reveal any lucid information regarding pets. Therefore the agreement should comprise of pet clauses as well.

  1. Sublet clause

The sublet clause relates to the tenant letting the property out to another third party for a payment. This can easily happen and therefore the property owner must clarify his/her stand on the same. Whether you decide to rent your property onlineor offline, subletting can lead to complications and hence one should be crystal clear about the clause.

  1. Family, service and other clauses

The property owner should also have a clear thought about who to let a property out to. The clause to let properties out to only professionals or families should be clear so that the right kind of property seekers are found. This also eliminates any issues later on and prevents loss of issues.

In Conclusion

Letting out properties can be a tricky business and therefore one should seek property portals that help in finding the right tenants. This is where property portal housing.com plays out just right. The portal allows property seekers to seek properties according to most of the aforementioned clauses. All the vital details that a property owner wishes to impart are all listed in the property specifications. This is why there is almost as much transparency in the listings as possible.