Surely many are thinking that Valentine is not going with you, but I will propose a perfect plan a couple to make without spending much and just enjoying good company. This is a home-cooked meal but decorate it in a special way. On these occasions the menu is very important, but we can not ignore the decor and all the details that will make our more special table . As there are tastes for everything, we are going to leave tes proposals to be surprised the next day February 14. Let’s talk about How to set the table on Valentine’s Day.

how to set the table

A table in pastels

When we think of Valentine almost always we use red hearts, candles, rose petals … This time we suggest you seek a more modern decor in pastel shades. For the table has been used a tablecloth made ​​with fabric dry, crockery signature IKEA green mint and ornaments Boho Deco Chic. As we see it is easiest to put a sober table and use plants or decorations that can all be house. Needless to buy new household or centerpieces, with a little creativity we can get tables with lots of charm.

A breakfast in bed

Our blogger Ruth Chicote proposes breakfast in bed in good company. If that day does not have to get up early you can afford to spend an extra hour or so between the sheets . As we see the composition is simple and details such as fresh fruit, ornaments made ​​of salt dough sought.

A romantic decor we love

We close with the proposal of the blog Helps Decorate. A very simple composition but only at the touch of wood chips and napkins give a completely air back to this composition we can recreate at home . Another component that nucna should miss in our tables are fresh flowers. If we want to get out of the typical roses, we can choose tulips, peonies .