The real estate experts say that adding a bathroom to a house is one of the best ways to increase its value. But the bathrooms are more than just a profitable investment. Depending on the size of the house and the number of family members, an additional bathroom can mean the difference between chaos and peaceful coexistence. Consider adding a small bathroom upstairs above the garage or in an unused or underused space.


Adding a bathroom on the upper floor or the garage

small bathroom

Choose the location for swimming. If possible, select a point directly above or near the existing pipeline. This means as close as possible to build an existing kitchen or bathroom. This will help with budget constraints and general ease to complete the project. Select a location where they can accommodate all the accessories you want in your bathroom.


Create a project or plan basic bath. Measure your space and plan the accessories you want to include in your bathroom such as a bath or shower, or sink vanity and toilet standing. Be sure to leave room to walk and open the door, which can be challenging in small spaces. For a bath over a garage, pays special attention to ceiling heights and the measures necessary for extra insulation or reinforcement of the floor.
Budgets. Plan to include all materials and tools for construction, along with an additional 30 percent fund for emergencies or supplies not provided. Travel to the shops local home improvement and see the price of the accessories and tools . Small spaces and higher sites represent a potential problem for builders. Prepare for the possible need for you to send material or get professional help to carry materials to your space.

Contact a contractor or installation expert bathrooms. Whether you choose to build it yourself bathroom or a contractor do the work, consult a contractor can help prevent problems. Do you see the project contractor for some advice about work, and have a phone number handy in case the work becomes too large or you encounter a problem that requires professional help.