When you have a small, narrow room, what you want is to have the lowest number of furniture possible. The way you organize the furniture directly influence your perception of the space within the room . Sit down and draw the arrangement of furniture in a sheet of paper before starting to move around.

small bedroom

Bed-desktop: combination and location

Wherever possible, combines two movable one. You can make such a combination bed-desk. It mounts like a bunk bed, with the difference that “litter” below a desk where you work. Place this bed-desk against the wall that is farthest from the door. Note that you must cover the walls so that it is an empty space in the middle of the room , although it is only the size of a narrow corridor. If do not want to have a combination bed-desk, desktop placed as close to a window in the same wall and headboard (or legs) your bed. Place your desk about 1 foot (30 cm) bed or on the other side of the window.



Normally, the cabinets are placed to the left right corner or a wall. But if for some reason yours is in the center of the wall that is opposite the bedroom door, put the headboard (or feet) against the opposite wall, aligned to the left side of the room . Place your nightstand to the right of the bed (if there is enough space, if not, maybe you should do without it) and put your desk in the wall where the door is.


Comfortable high

Instead of using a wide drawer dresser, buy high to take advantage of vertical space. Place it in front of bedposts or the headboard of the bed or bed-desk (depending on the end pointing toward the wall). If you live in an area affected by earthquakes, put the dresser against the wall at the foot of the bed. If a closet door is on the same wall as the bed, the dresser moves to the adjacent wall, away from the closet door.




If you have a bedside table, place attached to the headboard. Consider without it if you’re going to put on the desk right next to the bed, and a corner of it could also serve to put your alarm clock.


Table for television

If your room is a television set, placed on a table opposite the bed wall. You should always place the focal point (where most of your attention will be directed) opposite the bed. Consider putting a bracket to secure the unit to the wall so we can have more space to move around in your little room , once again, secure it to the wall that is opposite your resting place.