Decorate your house small with antique decor and rustic to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Buy antique quilts and wooden chests and hanging curtains eyelet lace and light. Choose furniture that is comfortable and personal; choose items made ​​from fabrics and materials that feel ” home “for you. A house is a place to relax and unwind, so rooms filled with scented candles, soft rugs and soft lighting.

Decorating Ideas

Crude Furniture
For a rustic look, buy rough wood furniture, such as dining tables and coffee. Use recycled wood sideboard with wrought iron supports of copper. Find wooden furniture sturdy barn, which are made ​​of pine, oak or cedar planks recovered from old barns. The degraded wood is used for dining tables and coffee, among other items. The wood will give your home a comfortable and rustic atmosphere and is environmentally friendly too.


Antique fabrics
Throw an old quilt floral prints on the bed to add comfort and classic style to your bedroom. Search the old pillow cases that offer sweet embroidered details. Hang old cotton curtains in soft colors like pink and dusty blue to cover the breezes. Use old scarves to add rustic charm to the tops of bedside tables and dressing tables. For a rustic look, buy antique aprons and adapt them for use as pillowcases. It covers the dining table with brightly colored tablecloths old having fruit and floral designs that were popular in the 1950s.


Lace and eyelet
Decorate with fabric and eyelet lace. Add a romantic touch to any room romantic lace curtains hanging. Put candles, vases and plants on old lace doilies throughout the house. In the bathroom, use a shower curtain with delicate white eyelet curtains to match. Sweeten the dining table, replacing your modern tablecloth with individual antique Alencon French lace.

Vases and glass decoration
Fill elegant, antique glass vases with freshly cut for flowers add to the atmosphere, while creating a natural air freshener. Choose glass vases and hand blown glass in shades of pink and blue. Put freshly cut roses or a bunch of wildflowers for a country-inspired look. Replace screens with boring fabric vintage glass versions. Select screens with glass panels dyed a color, or choose a pink projecting a warm and romantic light in the room.