New trends at the time of building a housing, especially in big cities, is to opt for small houses. This is due to the need to seek solutions to the cost per square meter and the needs of many people living alone. All this has made ​​many decorating magazines and portals find apartments of 30 square meters, where the integration of spaces and modular furniture are indispensable. When planning the decoration must think unify the space using the same type of soil, light colors for walls, curtains with fine textiles not overwhelm the space … In order to better focus will take a tour of all the rooms. Lets see Small house decorating ideas.

small house decorating ideas

To design and plan a kitchen of this type we can use some basic notions integrated into the living room, put a breakfast bar to create a small office and choose lacquered materials that reflect light. In the chapter of appliances is best to opt for integrated models to avoid breaking the aesthetics of the kitchen, above all, if it is integrated into the lounge.

In the bedroom we can dispense with some furniture as comfortable or shoemaker , provided we have enough to have a large capacity closet space. A recurring and very practical idea is to choose a mattress with storage for bedding from other seasons, shoes .

The salon will always be the center of the house and where more time will pass. It must integrate different areas such as office, entertainment area, dining room, kitchen … What is best to use the same color for all space and focus on practical furniture such as folding tables, puff or modular shelving.

Finally, the bathroom having to be separated, for obvious reasons, usually go very badly in the distribution of square meters. Some solutions like putting a shower or a sliding door will we gain space instantly. The order will be critical, so we need a cabinet as different spaces.