Houses designs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and may find it easy to design your own plans to build a small house on your own. Using an architecture program on your computer, you can actually create models that you can use to build your dream home .
small house


Architecture program acquires 3D software shop or computer . This program lets you create your own design plans for a small house without having to pay an architect to make them. Once loaded on your computer, open a new file by clicking on the word “File” at the top left of the screen, then select the word “New” from the list. The flat file is ready to be personalized.


Build the walls. Click the icon in the upper wall of the screen, which resembles a cross section of a wall. Click and drag the wall through the screen. You will see that the dimensions of the wall will be developed together with the section, which allows you to have a realistic view of the proportions of the house. Once drawn exterior walls, you start to draw the interior forming the room specific. Be sure to include bathrooms and closets.
Build the windows and doors. Click on the door icon at the top of the page, which resembles a door of wood . Once the icon is selected, you can click anywhere on the walls of the house to insert a door. Once you placed all doors, please click on the icon of the window, which looks like a window. A popup window will allow you to select the specific style you prefer appears. Windows inserted in the same manner as the doors.

Build the roof. Click the icon of the roof, which resembles the image of a roof gable. A popup window will allow you to select the types of roof and inclination appears. Once you’ve selected, click “OK” and the roof is automatically inserted into your house plans.

Save the file. Click on the word “File” and select the word “Save As” from the dropdown list. Another window asking for a file name appears. Type any name you want and click “OK”. Now you can take the file to an architect or a builder to be approved so we can build the house.