When you think of a dream kitchen, you often come to mind visions involving extended with many cabinets and yards of space on the counter spaces. Unfortunately, most of us are not as large kitchens and are forced to be more creative with limited kitchen areas. Small spaces in kitchens, but are quaint and cozy, present challenges special to many who live in apartments and houses. These small rooms, however, have many possibilities. By incorporating some few decorating techniques, a kitchen need not be large to be the kitchen of your dreams.
small kitchen


Improved kitchenette

Light colors give the feeling of more space.
Paint the walls a light color. Light colors make spaces appear larger, so use light colors on the walls of your kitchen to make you feel bigger.

Use white paint for the cabinets. And light colors make a room feel larger, white or cream colored kitchen cabinets give the illusion of a larger space. Use colors to your advantage to better cooking.
Make shelves on the walls. When you can not expand sideways you expand upwards, so add shelves to a small kitchen is a way to store when space is limited.

Use a folding island. Folding islands or workshops you can provide more work surface when the counters are limited. These portable units are split basically when needed and fold the size of a TV stand when not in use.

Make a hanger for pots and pans. When you have little cabinet space to store things like pots and pans, sets a ceiling hanger for storage. The hangers are practical and nice additions to a small kitchen.

Use organizational tools. Storage is usually minimal in a small kitchen, so use tools like rotating trays, shelves, hanging shelves, door frames and other items that make storage more coordinated and efficient.

Make a mirror. Mirrors are wonderful decorating tools that help you to give the illusion of extra space. Hang a mirror on a wall, or even the space above the stove to enhance your kitchen giving it an air space without adding square meters.

Use lighting to make the kitchen look bigger. As an added touch, use proper lighting to give the effect of being larger. Lighting is an important tool, so use it to your advantage. Place lights under cabinets and recessed ceiling placed to create an air of freshness and brilliance to your room lights.