Nowadays, having a house to move with the times from the point of view of energy efficiency and with regard to the thermal insulation, it is almost essential. In fact, if you have both of the requirements listed above, our annual costs, heating and cooling thermal, they will be absolutely destroyed. So, we will need to keep a new electrical system, which over the years, unless it is maintained, will lead to the electrical losses, in short, an increase in electricity bills . Same thing happens to the fixtures of our windows of our doors, we must always keep up with the times, perhaps facing a charge initially, but surely you’ll get the benefit over time. So in this guide it consists of very few but at the same time easy steps, we will explain some solutions to be used to have an efficient home .

The first thing to do to achieve the energy efficiency of your home is to make a control of their consumption . In a nutshell you have to run a check – up power of your own home. This is because, if you have to make choices, it is good to make them with full knowledge and therefore know where to start. The check – up energy has to be done on equipment and appliances but also encompass their consumption habits. This awareness will help you understand what are the priorities.

The solution for efficient home are varied and range from small steps on their own habits, to equip their house tools to save. One way to do that is to produce by itself the energy needed for its consumption. A photovoltaic kit, or the famous panels installed on the roof, allows all this. Who has a roof of property you can choose to install it on a photovoltaic plant capable of producing electricity from the sun.

An activity that consumes a lot of energy is that of the heating water, especially if you are still using an electric water heater traditional. Also in this case the sun can come to the aid of the most noticed that can adopt a solar thermal kit . Alternatively you can opt for one heat pump water heat thus producing hot water in an efficient and greatly reducing energy consumption.