A house is a ranch style home with no living space above the first floor. The ranch style homes are very scattered, so all rooms and public spaces are on the ground floor, although they may have basements working. This type of houses is very simple in its presentation, and often looks better with smart combinations to attract the eye and draw attention to your best qualities paint.

Natural environment
In an environment naturally beautiful wooded or select paint colors that allow your home blend with the surroundings. The soft green, beige tasteful, a brown gray and reddish brown are some of the colors that blend with the surrounding nature that surrounds the house. These colors are also well suited to a house that is half brick construction.

Colors ranch style homes

Bright and bold
If you are attracted by the bright and bold colors such as yellows of the Mediterranean, the muted teal, green grass and rusty red, consider painting your house in a combination of bright and unexpected colors. Choose a dominant color for most of the house, and then choose a color, related to the cut; either a similar color, a complementary color, or a shade or tint of the dominant color. Do not paint your house with bright colors not related, unless you want an eccentric appearance. Avoid painting your home with bright colors if other homes on your block are painted in more conservative colors, unless you really want your home stand out.

Soft and subtle

As a general rule, the soft colors and sweet as a light yellow, a gentle blue-gray and peach are diluted attractive but not too noisy. In most cases, it is best to keep this combination of light and bright colors.


Neutral colors like beige, khaki and gray are not the most exciting color, but when combinations thereof are used, your home style ranch will be more pleasing to the eye while still being elegant and conservative. This is especially appropriate in a street with houses that have also been painted in neutral colors and traditional. Most people tend to separate the gray-brown, but in some cases, beige and gray can be combined, if you choose one as the dominant color and the other as the accent color or cut.