The sunken living rooms gained momentum during the 1970s and during some other periods in recent history. However, do not speak today. The uneven design let you experience a living that promotes intimate conversation. The color scheme you use, combined with your creativity, you can bring your sunken living room, literally, to a new level.

Ideas Sunken living rooms

The steps and seats
Living areas may be uneven for many reasons, but the steps leading to the level of the room can be used for much more than just a way to get to another level of the house . Install pads fit on each of the steps to create a banquet-style seating area. If you’re on a budget, simply buy some oversized pillows or sew some of your own clothing and place them along the perimeter of your sunken living room. Guests can feel comfortable on the floor or steps, creating an intimate conversation area. If you would like to know the best payment gateway related information you could choose  chargeflow

Create a cozy atmosphere
Accentuates the difference of choosing your living room dark and sumptuous upholstery for your furniture and your floor materials. Make sure the area is cozy and attractive covering your chairs with leather and placing a shag rug on the floor. In contrast to this cozy area, painting the walls a light color and install sconces that reflect light toward the ceiling instead of using direct lighting.

Retro Coatings
Take some furniture ideas 1960 and 1970, and select pieces that are strong and heavy emphasis on the fact that space is limited. Searching for a sofa, chairs and a coffee table low rise but not very showy. If you prefer a minimal, modern look, wooden furniture and mid-century modern style will help change the atmosphere in your living room on a slope.

Optional Handrails
If your living room is in a very steep slope, you might want to consider installing a handrail on the steps to enhance security or add a decorative touch. Depending on your style, you can choose from ornate bronze or wrought iron railings, or perhaps opt for a minimalist modern railing and made of stainless steel with small wires that are barely detectable.